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We are pleased to announce that top scientists from all over the world will come together in Orange County, Southern California, USA, to discuss the health benefits of garlic and its constituents in March 2014.

This conference will provide current scientific information about the Role of Garlic in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Metabolic Syndrome and Immunology. Emphasis will be placed on garlic’s beneficial actions in cardiovascular and immune health.

Last Update:

Garlic is one of the first plants used as a medicine

    • In the Ebers Papyrus in 1550 B.C.
      22 of 800 therapeutic formulas mentioned garlic (e.g. heart disease, headaches, bites, intestinal parasites, and tumors)

    • In the 1940’s
      Allicin was found as an antibacterial compound

    • From the 1980’s to date
      More than 3,500 articles have been published on antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic properties, and cardiovascular health.

    • 1990
      The First World Garlic Congress by Penn State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture was held. Garlic was featured as a research target at the Designer Foods Program organized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

    • 1994
      The Designer Foods III Symposium sponsored by Rutgers University was held, where many research studies on garlic’s potential for cancer prevention were presented.

    • 1996
      Garlic’s total publications reported by PubMed exceeded 1,000.

    • 1998
      The Nutritional Benefits of Garlic conference sponsored by Penn State University was held, where introduced cholesterol lowering effects and antioxidant properties of garlic.

    • 2002
      Harbor- UCLA Medical Center clinical study—one of the garlic preparations, Aged Garlic Extract, was discovered to retard calcification in coronary arteries in patients with high risk for coronary artery disease.

    • 2003
      Garlic’s total publications reported by Public PubMed exceeded 2,000.

    • 2005
      World Garlic Symposium sponsored by Cornell University, Strang Cancer Center and Harbor UCLA Medical Center was held, where garlic’s potential to reduce multiple risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease progression was introduced.

    • 2007
      Clinical research was presented at one of the largest, clinically-oriented symposiums on Vascular Medicine in Germany.

    • 2008
      Garlic’s total publications reported by PubMed exceeded 3,000.

    • 2010-2012
      Clinical research on blood pressure was published in scientific journals, where garlic’s potential to maintain the healthy blood pressure with uncontrolled hypertension subjects was reported.

    • 2012
      Clinical research on immune and cold/flu was published in a scientific journal, where garlic’s potential to enhance the healthy immune function and reduce the severity of cold/flu was reported.

    • 2013
      Garlic’s total publications reported by PubMed exceeded 4,000.